Growing Customers With #FromTheVanWithDan

Blurb wanted to reconnect with a professional audience to create longer term, high-value customers


A year into the pandemic, our creative curiosity, wanderlust and sense of adventure had simply burnt out; Blurb had an opportunity to reignite it and recapture market share within its target audience along the way


#FromTheVanWithDan, a weekly video series documenting Blurb Creative Evangelist Dan Milnor’s travels through the backroads of America, turning his unlikely locations and passionate storytelling into episodes that matched the interests of professional creators, from broad topics like “Seeing The World as a Photographer” to tactical product explanations like “Field Guides — What They Are and Why They Matter”


#FromTheVanWithDan videos were the top performing pieces of content across Blurb’s social channels during the campaign, which exceeded objectives, drove sales and increased social impressions and engagements




brand mentions y-o-y


engagements per post m-o-m

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