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It’s hard to remember a time when social media was used solely by individuals, and not organizations. Today, it’s practically unthinkable for a business to lack a social presence. No matter the industry, the techniques of participation in the social media sphere are as critical to PR success as traditional media and analyst relations. Modern PR revolves around content creation and community relations. You need a public relations firm that breathes social media, and knows how to interact with the blogosphere just as well as with the traditional media players.

Organizations of all types and sizes recognize the ways in which social media can help them better understand, respond to, and attract the attention of their target audience and influencers. Businesses must embrace blogs, wikis, and other vehicles beyond major social networks to achieve their marketing and public relations goals.

SHIFT doesn’t simply use a plethora of social media tools, but combines them and builds upon them in innovative ways using proprietary technology. They’re in our DNA, and they’re fast becoming the lifeblood of our clients’ public relations success. Coupled with a solid public relations strategy and tenacious execution, social media is a game changer.
Whether you need a New York high-tech PR firm, a San Francisco consumer PR agency, an Austin blog management group, or a Boston security public relations firm, SHIFT has the right mix of traditional and social media public relations chops.

SHIFT Perspectives on Social Media Marketing

Boston University Case Study in Social Media Marketing

Anyone can guess what topics might resonate with University students, but guessing wasn’t good enough for Boston University – or SHIFT. BU hired SHIFT to conduct an in-depth influencer, social media, infrastructure, and content analysis with the end goal of creating a framework and plan to transform its social media program into a strategic communications asset.

SHIFT conducted a full social audit across all of BU’s core social channels in addition to its technical infrastructure, including Google Analytics, to identify and correct implementation errors. A thorough assessment of both components allowed SHIFT to ensure that the audit’s resulting strategy would be fully and accurately measured in the future.

Next, SHIFT analyzed the performance of Boston University content across all platforms. We leveraged IBM Watson for entity and keyword analysis and our in-house tool (SCALE) to analyze which posts were getting shared the most on social media.

Finally, SHIFT identified key influencers on social media who pertained to three core groups that BU wanted to strengthen their relationships with: peer universities, grant management influencers within Federal Agencies, and Think Tanks. We used tools like CrowdTangle to pull historical social data, AntConc to seek out frequently discussed terms and topics, IBM Watson to identify entities and keywords, and Tableau to visualize all the data in a digestible way. The result was a comprehensive breakdown of each social audience that yielded clear, actionable insights relevant to the objective.

BU can now engage its influencer audiences with informed confidence while driving visibility through social retargeting campaigns.

Tintri Social Media Case Study

Tintri, an aggressive emerging leading in the storage technology market, wanted to dramatically improve its lagging social media efforts against established competition. The company gave SHIFT a significant challenge: increase Tintri’s Twitter followers by 10,000 in less than nine months, and prove that the effort drove prospects to

SHIFT executed Twitter campaigns which targeted relevant tradeshows and hashtags including Red Hat Summit, EMCWorld, VMworld, and Gartner Infrastructure Summit. SHIFT also heavily promoted earned media coverage each month through paid campaigns to engage net new audience and influencers. The program was a resounding success:

  • Increased followers from 4,500 to 20,000 in 3 months
  • Achieved 344% growth rate in followers; surpassed key competitors who grew 20-50%
  • Increased social media traffic to the Tintri website by 59% through the promotion of earned media alone
  • Increased social referral traffic to by 162% from Q1 2014 to Q2 2014

SHIFT then pivoted its efforts to generate content that would keep Tintri’s newly-established social media influencer audience engaged.  Our creative services team developed fun, visual content around monthly themes including VASisGreener, Monster VMs, Thanksgiving, Carl for President, and Simplest Storage. We also leveraged a Tintri persona, @CarlStorageGuy, within memes and GIFs.  Finally, we promoted the top performing organic social content each month through paid campaigns with great success:

  • Improved promoted engagement rate from 5% to 2.6% (industry average is 1.35%)
  • Amassed 4K mentions on Twitter in one quarter alone
  • Increased promoted impressions by 840% quarter over quarter
  • Generated over 1,000 click-throughs to Tintri’s landing page

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