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Clients of all industries and sizes are working hard to engage in effective influencer marketing. Can a traditional reporter at the Wall Street Journal be an influencer? Can a vertical industry analyst be an influencer? What about a hobbyist developer in Cleveland, a mom in Reno, or a scientist at Harvard?

The answer is an overwhelming yes, yet brands have discovered that each influencer requires a unique and tailored approach. In addition, questions of prioritization remain: what influencer should be engaged, at what time, and with what content or offer?

SHIFT’s rigorous analysis of data has resulted in a deep understanding of an influencer’s actual online authority. Our framework creates a 360-degree view of an influencer’s reach, engagement, and alignment with a brand, but it doesn’t stop there. We perform a thorough topic modeling analysis to identify what type of content and which platforms are the best match for each influencer.

Effective engagement with influencers can cut through the social media noise to drive brand value across B2B, B2C, and healthcare markets.

SHIFT Perspectives on Influencer Marketing

Influencer Case Study From Toyota

Toyota is a well-established brand with a reputation for reliability and quality. When Toyota started working with SHIFT, the company was eager to expand its traditional public relations efforts through influencer marketing.

Using our influencer identification framework, SHIFT developed, managed, and executed an exhaustive influencer engagement strategy. Our initial campaign objective aimed to boost impressions and brand awareness for Toyota’s Prius Prime launch at the New York International Auto Show.

Preceding the event, SHIFT used our propriety READ Framework to analyze online conversations on Prius models and competitors.

Using READ, we identified a top ten list of influencers that offered a mix of paid and organic options. SHIFT managed the entire process leading up to and throughout the duration of the 2016 NYIAS Prius Prime launch event from initial outreach to influencer securement and management.

As a result, SHIFT effectively increased Toyota’s addressable audience by 130% during the show, which gave Toyota significantly greater access to online channels not otherwise represented by the brand. Influencer content generated three times the engagement of brand content alone. The official Toyota brand profiles also saw significant audience growth of net-new followers across all three major social channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

T-Mobile Case study

As the social media AOR for T-Mobile, SHIFT was tasked with engaging and expanding the influencer set while propelling the brand’s irreverent and fun spirit. One of the more playful campaigns was the Pets Unleashed April Fools’ campaign.

To build positive, online consumer buzz for the campaign, SHIFT first identified highly influential “pet influencers” across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. SHIFT made involvement easy by providing participating influencers with a T-Mobile branded digital picture frame for posts. We further incentivized influencer participation with free materials (e.g. gift cards) and social support from T-Mobile (e.g. providing them with #PetsUnleashed hashtag for instant brand recognition and offers to retweet their posts).

After securing the participation of 16 influencers, the campaign yielded the following results in a 24-hour period:

  • Influencers’ posts generated more than 5 million impressions, over 60,000 favorites and likes, and over 1,000 comments and shares
  • Top-performing influencer posts shared on T-Mobile’s own accounts generated an additional 2,000 likes and over 120 comments including users’ images of their own pets.

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