B2B Public Relations Services

Excellent public relations programs for B2B clients require a certain determination and creativity. Customer references are slight—if any. Acronym laden trends spring up overnight while technology and business models continually evolve. The battle for the better product can be just as rigorous as the competition for the thought leadership limelight. Sales cycles that stretch across multiple quarters only make the need to drive strong, sustainable interest in a product or service greater.

SHIFT’s exceptional depth of experience was founded in a B2B heritage, which has expanded both cross-country and cross-sector. It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup or a Fortune 500 member. Whether you provide SaaS for Financial Services organizations, AI and SDN for cloud environments in regulated industries, big data analytics for enterprise clients, or security for any industry, SHIFT has the experience and media relationships to drive your brand forward.

SHIFT Perspectives on B2B Public Relations

Samanage Case Study in B2B PR

Samanage, a business-to-business IT service management company, hired SHIFT to help them reach a new buying audience through earned media. Samanage sought to serve additional departments across the enterprise, beyond IT managers and C-suite leaders, including human resources (HR) and training departments, to increase productivity and collaboration.

SHIFT needed to quickly establish Samanage’s brand among workforce reporters at top-tier media outlets, including business and trade press, to successfully divert mindshare away from competitors. The team used creative, consumer-based storylines and third-party data to build Samanage’s media credibility, and illustrate the company’s commitment to making work life better for employees and businesses. The storylines and data collected supported larger themes such as productivity, technology use, and email challenges.

SHIFT’s campaign secured dozens of placements among targeted media such as USA TodayCIO Insight, Network World, HR Dive, Workplace Insight, and Inc. The elevated workforce brand awareness drove Samanage’s average media share of voice, against their biggest competitor, up from 4% to 44% in just three months.

YouVisit Case Study in B2B Public Relations

YouVisit, a developer of interactive virtual reality experiences and distribution platform, engaged SHIFT to establish themselves as a leading authority on the future of consumer virtual reality adoption in the media. YouVisit had a long history of working with businesses to use virtual reality in marketing and advertising. As they looked to the next phase of the VR industry, there was an opportunity to align with consumer adoption and address the needs of consumers while also serving the demands of businesses.

The consumer addition to YouVisit’s core earned media focus placed YouVisit in an entirely new league of virtual reality competitors. SHIFT recognized the need to create relevant consumer-focused media stories for industries, including hospitality, travel, real estate, and education, along with a unique consumer adoption platform for YouVisit.

SHIFT deployed three specific program elements to make a seamless transition:

  • Mine YouVisit’s library of more than 1,000 virtual experiences to reimagine business use cases for a consumer perspective
  • Look beyond household names in virtual reality media to consumer and tech-focused publications that weren’t exclusively comprised of virtual reality writers
  • Execute aggressive rapid response opportunities, in which SHIFT identified a media appetite for unique perspectives on how various news announcements, from tech giants like Samsung or Google, would impact the growth of the industry and contribute to consumer adoption of virtual reality

After making the pivot with SHIFT, YouVisit realized tremendous growth in its consumer brand initiative while leveraging core business assets:

  • YouVisit’s messaging on consumer adoption was featured in 67% of its coverage while 45% of placed media discussed the future of its technology in a nontraditional market
  • Coverage drove an increase in website traffic by over 3,500 sessions
  • Articles topped more than 25,000 social shares
  • 25% of YouVisit’s total coverage was in national business and consumer publications including Mashable, Fast Company, NPR, CNNMoney, Fortune, Forbes, and AP


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