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Healthcare organizations, from Fortune 500 companies to emerging leaders, all face the same marketing and communications dilemma: how do I tell the right story to the right audience at the right time? Whether your company drives patient involvement in a clinical trial, sells data analytics solutions to hospitals and health systems or works in diagnostic imaging challenge remains the same.

SHIFT’s healthcare team is part of the AVENIR GLOBAL network of agencies that brings unprecedented healthcare experience to our clientele. With more than 130 healthcare experts across the US, Canada and Europe, including 35 Ph.D./M.D. medical writers and editors, our network of resources spans the entire breadth of communications needs within the healthcare industry.

Our “best teams approach” brings together the specialist knowledge that you need to execute on your business goals and reach the right audiences at the right time with the right stories. Our experience spans general healthcare services, consumer health, clinical trials, medical communications, pharma, biotech, providers, digital health, health IT and non-profit.

Sermo Healthcare Public Relations Case Study

Social Media Analysis for a Global Pharma Company

The social media landscape is changing, and to help a global pharmaceutical company remain competitive in a highly regulated industry, SHIFT conducted an in-depth social media audit on the company’s global Twitter and LinkedIn channels.

Using Twitter and LinkedIn analytics, along with additional measurement tools, the team was able to analyze six-months of social content as well as more than 85,000 followers across both channels to better understand how the company had been performing on social media. The analysis included:

— A detailed breakdown of followers, including the identification of the top influencers following the company on each channel

— A breakdown of top-performing content and recommendations on how to replicate such content for other owned and social channels across business units and regions

— A detailed report on engagement, including recommendations on timing, frequency and what types of content to post moving forward

MedeAnalytics Case Study in Healthcare Public Relations

The massive trend, and competitive arena, of big data in healthcare makes it exceptionally difficult for companies to establish themselves as an authority on the topic. MedeAnalytics has solved many big data issues for payers and providers alike. The company enlisted SHIFT to highlight their track record of success through a strong, customer thought leadership program.

SHIFT developed deep relationships with MedeAnalytics customers to secure exposure for them in key thought leadership areas such as value-based care, population health, revenue lifecycle management, and enterprise analytics. This effort not only lifted the MedeAnalytics earned media program, but also put a face and name to the value of the company’s full portfolio of technologies.

Through this program, customers willingly took the stage at six key industry events including HIMSS, AHIP, and HFMA ANI. The case studies that SHIFT created from MedeAnalytics customer interactions resulted in over 53 pieces of coverage and 116 million impressions over the course of the year. Placements included Becker’s Hospital Review, Health Data Management, Healthcare Finance News, Healthcare IT News, HIStalk, and POLITICO amongst others. The content generated from these conversations also fueled the MedeAnalytics blog program; customer related posts drew over 1,350 unique visitor sessions alone.

Using Data To Build Industry Credibility For Doxmity

Over the years, data has become a key element in building brand awareness and proving industry expertise with the media. With more than 70 percent of U.S. clinicians using Doximity, the leading social network for physicians and advanced practice clinicians, the company sought SHIFT’s help in building its credibility with the media as a leading source for data related to the practice of medicine.

By analyzing internal data and pairing it with credible external data, Doximity developed the “2018 OB-GYN Workforce Study” which examined the growing shortage in the obstetrics and gynecology (OB-GYN) specialty across the U.S.’s top 50 metropolitan statistical areas (MSA). SHIFT and Doximity created a narrative around the data, focusing on how women’s health could be significantly impacted in cities across the country as OB-GYNs become scarcer by 2025. The full study was complete with data tables, maps and lists detailing the primary factors that are leading to this concerning trend in women’s healthcare; this included variations in maternity workloads, an insufficient number of younger practicing OB-GYNs and private vs. government insurance coverage. The report and expert sources familiar with the data were pitched for coverage in top tier national press, regional publications and broadcast news stations for the key cities named within the report, healthcare trade publications, and women’s focused media outlets.

Over the course of four weeks, the SHIFT team secured 80 pieces of media coverage across print, radio, television and online platforms including placements in Fortune, Politico, USA Today front page snapshot, Bustle, Becker’s Hospital Review and Fierce Healthcare among others.


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