NYC Consumer Technology Showcase

NYC3With the growth of SHIFT New York’s consumer technology client roster, the Agency sought to engage local media with client news by facilitating interactive product experiences through a creative media event. An impressive line-up of client products, everyone’s favorite hors d’oeuvres and eager SHIFTers ready to talk tech filled the office for product demonstrations, relationship building and media interviews.

The SHIFT team streamlined pitching for the event to include all relevant client news, pooling team resources and creating a one-stop shop for editorial inspiration. In an effort to further establish SHIFT New York as a premier consumer technology player among NYC-based agencies, the event helped to forge personal relationships with consumer tech beat reporters and garner media interest in client product launches, announcements and existing offerings.

How’d we do it?

  • Offered value proposition to incentivize attendees: Combined product demonstrations maximized editors’ time and provided them with ample story angles and opportunity for trend spotting.
  • Provided extra-ordinary experience: Door-to-door car service in Lexus/Toyota’s latest models showcased client product while enticing attendees with an enviable luxury touch.
  • Created compelling displays: Playful presentations and captivating set-up promoted client brand messaging and displayed the Agency’s creativity.
  • Personalized the experience: Personalized walk-throughs, tailored product demonstrations and gift bags containing bespoke press kits demonstrated the Agency’s commitment to helping reporters get the stories they seek.

SHIFT’s inaugural Consumer Technology Showcase resulted in secured client briefings with top-tier media, including editors and contributors from Fast Company, TechCrunch, InStyle, Engadget, and CNET. The SHIFT team also secured elevating press coverage for clients and the Agency, building an ongoing rapport with media attendees.

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