Pete Buhler

Creative Director

Pete guides the development of creative solutions for our clients. He’s been leading creative teams for the past fifteen years, both in-house and on the agency side, and relishes the wide range of creative opportunities at SHIFT. An adamant believer that process frees creativity, he spends his days working on websites, infographics and all of the wonderfully oddball stuff in between…while endlessly admiring the amazing work of his team.

When not working or enjoying family time, Pete is often seen wandering the aisles at Trader Joe’s admiring product packaging. He lovingly embraces public transportation for a host of unimportant reasons, almost always enhancing the ride with a carefully chosen spy novel.

Words most often heard in his office: brief, target, mark, execution, mandatories, vector, PMS, love, gum, cilantro

Two truths and a lie: I took 7 years of Latin. I am the reigning (Boston) office foosball AND ping pong champ. I am comfortable writing about myself in the third person.

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