Jim Joyal


Jim Joyal co-founded SHIFT in 2002, following a 15-year career in high technology public relations. Jim was president of Sterling Hager, Inc., a Boston-based boutique tech firm that Jim and CEO, Todd Defren acquired and soon rebranded as SHIFT Communications, LLC.

It was Jim that put the wheels in motion to set up the Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP), which led to the agency’s former “employee-owned” status prior to acquisition by National PR. He currently serves as the primary interface for new business inquiries, is a member of the SHIFT board of directors and lends his experience to the day to day operations of the firm.

Prior to catching the marketing bug, Jim was a registered occupational therapist, serving as director of the Naval Regional Medical Center, San Diego’s Hand Rehabilitation Unit. He rose to the rank of Commander in the Naval Reserve and was Commanding Officer of a Boston-based Medical/Dental unit. Jim followed his Naval career by obtaining a Masters in Public Relations at Boston University, where he is routinely asked to speak and advise students interested in agency PR.

A self described “car junky,” Jim recently restored a 1964 Triumph TR4 sports car, in addition to two classic MG’s.

He spends his free time in his woodworking workshop, as well as in the gym trying desperately to maintain some level of fitness.

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