Leslie Clavin


Hiya, I’m Leslie, and I spend my time helping our clients build multichannel content to achieve their business objectives and stand out from competitors. 

I got my professional start as a journalist and copy editor at a daily newspaper in Southern California. Since moving to the Bay Area, I’ve been deeply involved in Technology PR. I’ve loved every minute I’ve spent alongside clients on the front lines of the industry’s pivotal transformation points, from the database wars of the late ‘90s to the rise (and fall) of the dot.com era and now Web3.

I’ve worked with clients across all sectors:  from enterprise technology and SaaS to networking and storage to semiconductors and mobile devices, which gives me an excellent knowledge base to turn highly complex topics into salient, relatable stories and pieces of content.

In this industry, there’s always a unique story to understand and a million ways to tell it. I love that open-ended creative outlet along with the sense of getting to see the future as it unfolds.

Beyond the bio:

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