Justin Finnegan


Expertise: DCX, eCommerce, Fintech, Industrial Technology, Media/Marketing/Adtech

I’ve been in the B2B Tech and Services PR world for over 15 years, after spending time in Sales. That foundation in sales fundamentals and how PR needs to interact with sales has been incredibly instrumental.

In the programs I lead, I love to take a step back to understand the business context and end goals so I can figure out how to use the PR program to get there. It’s not, “we need 30 hits for the quarter,” but instead is about taking a super targeted, multichannel approach. That’s so key with where news cycles are right now. We really need to look at more diversified, more agile programs that adapt quickly to stay in lock step with a business’s changing needs.

I see the PR discipline not just as a coverage engine but as a partner that can shepherd a business through times of change, whether that’s growth, evolution, crisis, an exit, or myriad other business challenges. Using the power of strategic PR to help drive a company through these ebbs and flows is what I love about the job. That and working with my team to make sure they get opportunities to put their strongest abilities to use and shine with clients.

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