Alan Dunton


Expertise: AI, Cybersecurity, Consumer Tech, Digital Transformation, Fintech & Crypto, IoT, Sustainability

Hello, I’m Alan. I started in PR when the internet we know today was just starting to take shape. Part of the gig back then included announcing that companies had launched their dot-com sites — it was as amazing as it sounds. As Web 1.0 gave way to 2.0 and now 3.0, I’ve remained fascinated with the development of new technologies — software, hardware, and services built atop them — and the evolution of how stories about the people and companies behind them are shaped and shared.

I believe the key to success in PR today is a balance of pragmatic consulting, tightly integrated programs and measurable goals. I’m passionate about helping clients engineer captivating narratives, stories and campaigns that push them into leadership positions in fast-growing markets. I love rolling up my sleeves to partner with teams focused on building, pushing boundaries and having fun while doing it.

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