Stop Marketing Like the Borg

3207398635_3387b3d7cb_oMany marketers come across rather Borg-like. They barrel into your inbox, into your events, into every online channel they possibly can and repeat the same message, over and over again: aren’t we awesome? Aren’t we great? You should buy our stuff. You should have fear, uncertainty, and doubt about our competitors’ stuff. Resistance is futile: if we keep up this cadence of marketing, eventually you’ll buy something.

Except that unlike the Borg, it’s far easier for customers like us to defeat marketers who broadcast one-way, egocentric messages. We don’t have to rotate shield frequencies or retune our phasers constantly. All we have to do is shut them out. And for those of us who are marketers, we have this experience painfully often. Our followers unfollow us. Our subscribers unsubscribe. Our website visitors never come back.

What can we do to stop this? In this eBook, VP of Marketing Technology Christopher S. Penn explains how to stop marketing like the Borg by developing a better understanding of your audience. Learn 8 powerful audience investigation tools and a framework for creating content that matters to your audience.

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