Primary Research

There are three imperatives to all our communications programs: informed by data, crafted with passion, distributed with precision. We believe every creative brief and program plan must begin with insights.

Understanding a target audience’s wants, needs and behaviors directly impacts a business’ ability to convert those targets into customers. Audience trend data is also incredibly valuable for content marketing, to drive widespread awareness via earned media coverage and to engage followers on social.

Whether it’s market research for a new product line, consumer sentiment for narrative and storyline development, or developing data for an owned research report, SHIFT has the tools to execute a variety of primary research needs. We offer the full spectrum, from survey development and execution to insight analysis and presentation, working with clients to find the right insights to accomplish their goals.

Audience Mapping

A great story, well told, can still fall flat if it doesn’t find its target.

That’s why, at SHIFT, we pair stakeholder research and topic analysis with precision targeting to gain an understanding of the conversations that are driving the issues that matter to our clients, the channels in which they’re happening, the voices who are leading them and the language being used as they do.

Our methodology combines web-harvesting techniques, advanced analytics, machine learning and visual mapping technology into dashboards that allow clients to understand and map influencers and key conversations.

The outputs allow us to help clients build compelling narratives; tell targeted, dynamic stories that connect on a personal level; and find the most important media, influencers and channels through which to tell these stories.

Behavioral Research

Data and analytics show you the “what” of audience behavior, but only by researching or surveying an audience directly can you delve into the “why.” Primary research can bring insights about a target audience’s behaviors on topics that are difficult or impossible to measure in other ways – so you can reach them with the right message and turn them into loyal customers.

We use a combination of third-party and primary research to help paint a full picture of a company’s audience, bringing insights on trends, preferences, values and behaviors and inform communications programs and brand positioning.

Consumer Survey Design

SHIFT regularly executes consumer and business user surveys to help reinforce client messages and value propositions. We use topic modeling and media analysis to understand audience interest areas and uncover white space. Then we design surveys that will give us the right headlines and create the right conversations in the media. We run the surveys, analyze the data and use the findings to create press-friendly announcements and owned content that will generate interest among clients’ target audiences.

SHIFT’s research capabilities include:

  • Topic Identification
  • Questionnaire Design
  • Survey Execution
  • Results Analysis & Presentation

Check out how we used survey campaigns to drive top-tier media coverage for Doximity, Evite, Randstad and Vital Vio.

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