Analyst, Influencer & Media Relations

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We cultivate coverage and content that accelerates our clients’ trajectories.

Media Relations

From where we sit, there is no substitute for an amazing story well told by the media. Print, broadcast, online and podcast coverage is absolutely core to what SHIFT does. Our people are media hounds unlike any other, crafting, pitching and securing articles and mentions for our clients every day.

We use data to spot relevant search behavior and emerging trends that are ripe for client comment and develop campaigns that reinforce key messages or position clients for awareness, demand gen, IPO, acquisition, recruiting and more. We’re a media relations agency at heart, keeping clients in the news through:

  • Thought Leadership & Storyline Development
  • Proactive Trend Pitching & Newsjacking
  • Aggressive News Pitching
  • Executive, Company & Product Press Tours & Briefings
  • Broadcast & Podcast Guest Spots

Analyst Relations

Over the years, we’ve helped clients create categories, shift their positions on quadrants, acquire new customers and secure product endorsements through analyst relations. We do it by executing strategic annual plans that engage the right firms and analysts through introductions and regular briefings as well as in-person and digital touchpoints, with the goal of report inclusion, coverage and product recommendations.

Influencer Relations

We’ve activated countless influencers, creators and celebrities to grow brands and sales — and we’ve truly done it all, from McDonald’s Chicken McNugget bouquets to Scotties designer tissue boxes to a Cirque Éloize circus training influencer event at Foxwoods. Our approach starts with rigorous analysis to understand authority, relevancy, audience makeup and content. Then we work with the right influencers — from contract negotiations and product seeding to creative briefs and content reviews — to build campaigns and lasting relationships that feel organic, believable and meaningful to achieve the goals at hand. Authenticity is our key ingredient for building a community of brand loyalists and creating lasting brand advocates. And we always keep our finger on the pulse of social media’s ever-changing trends to capitalize on what’s happening in the moment.

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