Communications Strategy

When it comes to how our stakeholders seek, consume and share information, we live in a multilateral world. Communications strategies that rely solely on traditional earned media potentially leave a lot of firepower on the table. 

SHIFT helps clients understand the range of paid, earned, social and owned opportunities available to them and how to tell their many stories across those media types. We provide ongoing recommendations to ensure programs are balanced and maintain a consistent cadence of external actions that drive tangible business results. Our recommendations are informed by data and monitored closely to ensure they deliver the ROI our clients expect.

Behavioral Research & Audience Mapping

Our programs are built on an in-depth understanding of clients’ target audiences. Through primary and third-party research, we develop insights into customer values, behavioral trends, online search patterns and more. We pair stakeholder research and topic analysis to gain an understanding of the conversations that are driving the issues that matter to our clients, the channels in which they’re happening, the voices who are leading them and the language being used as they do. This serves as the basis for all messaging and engagement strategies.

Messaging & Narrative

The onslaught of messages that prospects, customers and target media receive every day is staggering, which means it’s more challenging than ever to break through the noise. That’s why solid message development – creating a powerful and compelling narrative and stories to bring it to life – has never been more important to a company’s success.

SHIFT’s strategic messaging framework process creates an emotional connection between a brand and its customers’ needs and values. It defines that story so that it is conveyed in a creative, compelling, concise manner to grab attention in today’s soundbite-driven world. And it provides a complete framework for telling that story that everyone in the company can use.

Corporate Thought Leadership

We elevate brands by turning them and their executives into thought leaders. We use research and topic modeling to uncover the issues target audiences care about and identify ownable white space. Working closely with clients, we chart a bold, new message that ensures they are part of the conversations being had – whether by consumers, corporate leaders, influencers or media. 

A few ways we bring thought leadership platforms to life are by creating research hubs that back up core messages, injecting executive commentary into timely trends and news, securing conference and event speaking opportunities and establishing Key Opinion Leader (KOL) or advisory panels comprised of industry experts we can tap on behalf of a brand.

Media, Influencer & Analyst Relations

SHIFT works with media, influencers and analysts to cultivate relationships and create ambassadors that help tell our clients stories.

For traditional and broadcast media, we build relationships and targeted stories that gain clients the awareness and credibility they need. For influencers, we use a rigorous analysis of data to understand authority, audience makeup and content, and then engage the ones that best match with clients’ goals through campaigns and ongoing relationships. For analysts, we execute annual plans that engage the right firms and analysts through introductions, regular briefings as well as in-person and digital touchpoints, with the goal of report inclusion, coverage and product recommendations.

By working across these three segments, we help clients build trust and awareness to break through and thrive.

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