Today, we proudly launch a new identity for SHIFT. It’s still us, just with a better visual reflection of who we’ve become.

Our updated logo and website build on our heritage. SHIFT has always represented forward motion, quite literally with our earliest logo that played off a gear shifter.

Today, the backslash after our name still signifies the concept of shifting ahead. But it’s a bit more open-ended. It signals our adaptability. It hints at endless possibility. It captures how we dig deeper, push harder, reach higher and seek out what’s “next” to help brands connect with the people who matter most.

With that, we’ve also unveiled a new brand story and crystallized our approach to integrated communications: Informed by Data / Crafted with Passion / Distributed with Precision.

But some things won’t ever change here. The same two things still matter to us. Conceiving and unleashing amazing work with our clients and celebrating what happens when we do.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Here’s to a future founded in curiosity, creativity and growth.

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