Primary Research & Surveying

Do you feel like you’re guessing at what your audience is thinking? Are you relying on instinct rather than information straight from the source to make marketing decisions?

Understanding your audience’s wants, needs and behaviors directly impact your ability to convert those audiences into customers and generate revenue for your company. Your data and analytics show you the “what” of audience behavior, but only by researching or surveying your audience directly can you delve into the “why.”

Stop guessing and start relying on real data. Primary research and surveying can bring you insights about your target audience on topics that are difficult or impossible to measure in other ways – so you can reach them with the right message and turn them into loyal customers.

Whether its market research for a new product line or consumer sentiment for a new pitch angle, SHIFT has the tools to execute your primary research needs. From survey development and execution to insight analysis and presentation, SHIFT’s marketing analysts will work with your brand to find the right audience and insights to accomplish your goals. SHIFT’s research capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Survey Development and Analysis
  • Research input sessions for strategic and tactical recommendations
  • Questionnaire design
  • Results analysis and presentation

Ready to understand your audience and turn it into more actionable leads for your company? Contact SHIFT!

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