PR ROI Audit & Analysis

How much is awareness worth? Can you measure the awareness of your brand? Should you be spending more or less budget on PR and audience building?

While the output of marketing is lead generation, the goal of PR is to establish new and engaged audiences. A successful marketing program depends on PR. You can’t do much marketing without an audience. The impact and value of PR is notoriously difficult to measure, but it can be done if you have a thorough, top-to-bottom understanding of your business.

At SHIFT, we’ve devised a way to measure the ROI of PR and infer the value of your audience, proving the success of your PR budget.

Engage SHIFT for a PR ROI Audit and Analysis. We’ll dive into your marketing funnel and reverse engineer the value of a single audience member, allowing us to effectively calculate the ROI of your PR.

Post analysis, we can provide you with an assessment of the state of your existing PR and awareness-building efforts, along with recommendations to guide your marketing and PR strategy,

Ready to start measuring PR the logical, mathematical way? Get in touch with SHIFT!

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