Marketing Automation Deployment & Servicing

Are you leveraging your customer database to successfully drive leads for your company?

With the rise of big data, collecting information about your customers can help you target your marketing efforts to generate better results. But how do you manage all of that slicing and dicing?

Setting up a marketing automation system enables you to maintain your best marketing practices in an automated way and frees up your time to think about the bigger, more strategic picture and what you can achieve with the data that you’ve collected.

SHIFT’s marketing automation expertise extends to systems and tools for all sizes and budgets. SHIFT can deploy the marketing automation system of your choice, or leverage our relationships with top vendors to help you strategically select the product that fits your company’s needs, budget and growth trajectory. Your marketing automation configuration can include:

  • Lead scoring, so you can identify your more valuable prospects
  • Individual lead activity tracking
  • Automated queuing and assignment
  • Drip marketing campaigns

Looking to automate your marketing engine? Contact SHIFT to learn more.

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