Marketing Analytics Audit & Analysis

“Half my advertising budget is wasted; I just don’t know which half.” Words famously attributed to advertising pioneer John Wanamaker. Do you know how much of your marketing budget goes to waste?

If your goal is to maximize ROI – spend less and sell more – you need to be able to answer that question. But without an effective way to measure marketing results, you’re essentially grasping at straws.

A properly configured marketing system (including an analytics platform) is the key to measuring (and understanding) what is or isn’t working in your marketing efforts. While a few platforms like Google Analytics are free, free doesn’t necessarily mean easy.


SHIFT’s Analytics Infrastructure program goes beyond tracking website clicks and demographics. As a Google Analytics Certified Partner, SHIFT’s team of analysts will audit your analytics infrastructure in its entirety – including, but not limited to Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Search Console. The team will work to understand your goals and help better benchmark and track success. Your analytics strategy will also include on-going maintenance and support as new features and tools are released.

Ready for your Marketing Analytics Audit? Contact SHIFT and we’ll talk!

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