Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

Does your marketing strategy connect all the gears of your marketing machine and drive real ROI?

You’re on top of your email newsletter, your AdWords campaigns get plenty of clicks and you’re posting regularly on Facebook and Twitter. But these tactics can only go so far if there is no strategy behind them. That’s like throwing things against the wall and hoping they stick. It’s highly inefficient and will cause you to burn through money without seeing a notable increase in leads.

SHIFT’s team of marketing technologists can help develop a measurable marketing strategy for your brand, including:

  • Assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your existing strategy
  • Marketing roadmap development (channel strategy, messaging, etc.)
  • Analysis of your brand’s unique customer journey, with recommendations for sustainable growth

Each and every tactic derived from the audit will be tied to measurable outcomes to help you determine your brand’s ROI:

  • Determine churn and drop-out rates in a top to bottom funnel evaluation
  • Calculate your customer lifetime value
  • Value each channel in your media mix, like advertising, social media, public relations and email marketing
  • Outline repeatable tactics to streamline efficiencies and increase ROI

Find out how you can tighten up your digital marketing strategy by getting in touch with SHIFT!

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