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Is your marketing strategy falling flat? Has your sales funnel stopped producing leads? We can help.

At SHIFT Communications, we’re unlike other agencies you know. We incorporate all aspects of paid, earned and owned media, along with creative services, into an integrated communications strategy that will propel your company reputation and brand awareness ahead of your competitors, and drive impactful and measurable business results.


Digital Advertising

SHIFT’s digital advertising program handles all aspects of your campaigns to drive bottom-line results. The program encompasses campaign development, execution and reporting from start to finish.

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Retargeting & Remarketing

SHIFT’s retargeting programs help put your brand’s message back in front of existing audiences. Retargeting campaigns target ads to your website visitors, email distribution list, current or prospect customers – you name it! Anyone who’s come in contact with your brand or who’s contact information you collect can be targeted across various web platforms and social media networks (including Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).

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Syndication & Amplification

SHIFT’s syndication and amplification program works with budgets large and small to syndicate top media coverage to highly-targeted audience personas. SHIFT will develop your target audience, determine top placements and execute the campaign start to finish.

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Competitive Analysis

Curious as to how your brand stacks up against its competitors? With our proprietary REFLEX framework, SHIFT can measure your comprehensive digital share of voice against your competition.

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PR ROI Audit & Analysis

Can you measure the awareness of your brand? Should you be spending more or less budget on PR and audience building? SHIFT will reverse engineer the value of a single audience member, effectively calculating the ROI of your PR.

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Analytics Infrastructure

SHIFT’s Analytics Infrastructure program goes beyond tracking website clicks and demographics. As a Google Analytics Certified Partner, SHIFT’s team of analysts will audit your analytics infrastructure in its entirety – including, but not limited to Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Search Console.

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Digital Marketing Audit & Strategy

SHIFT’s team of marketing technologists can perform an audit of your brand’s existing strategy and help develop a new, measurable marketing strategy for you. Each and every tactic derived from the audit will be tied to measurable outcomes to help you determine your brand’s ROI.

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CRM Strategy & Deployment

A customer relationship management system (CRM) provides your sales department with more control and organization. With the help of SHIFT, your CRM will help you to identify the most impactful marketing methods and channels for your organization.

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Marketing Automation Deployment

SHIFT’s marketing automation expertise extends to systems and tools for all sizes and budgets. SHIFT can deploy the marketing automation system of your choice, or leverage our relationships with top vendors to help you strategically select the product that fits your company’s needs, budget and growth trajectory.

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Email Marketing

SHIFT’s comprehensive email marketing program helps drive engagement and action from your distribution list. Email marketing programs can be tailored to fit your brand’s needs.

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Content Marketing

SHIFT can work with your brand to optimize existing content or build a plan from scratch. Our content team helps to generate content with measurable, bottom-line results for your business – from website copy and blog posts to eBooks and webinars.

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SEO Audit

SHIFT’s SEO Audit researches your brand’s existing SEO strategy, implementation and areas for improvement. The team analyzes your existing strategy to better understand how SEO impacts your brand’s bottom line (and those of your competitors).

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Website Optimization

SHIFT’s website optimization program begins with a baseline SEO Audit for your brand and top two competitors. Out of this analysis, the team derives a tactical strategy.

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Social Media Audit & Strategy

Social media is a necessity for brands IF your audience is active on the platform. How can you be sure it’s right for you? SHIFT’s social media audit and strategy program provides a comprehensive look at what’s working, not working and areas of improvement for your social media presence.

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Social Media Audience Building

Through primary research and proprietary software, SHIFT can help to grow your social media audience over time without ending up with spam-filled audiences.

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Research & Development

Primary Research & Surveying

Whether its market research for a new product line or consumer sentiment for a new pitch angle, SHIFT has the tools to execute your primary research needs. From survey development and execution to insight analysis and presentation, SHIFT’s marketing analysts will work with your brand to find the right audience and insights to accomplish your goals.

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