What PR Pros Can Learn from Powerful Female TV Characters

As a PR expert, you likely find professional inspiration in many different places. For instance, you may feel inspired after sitting down with the CEO of your company. Or perhaps you hear about a really outstanding, creative campaign that inspires you to be more ballsy in your PR approach.

While both of the above examples DO inspire me, I also often find inspiration outside of the typical PR bubble. For instance, if you look to pop culture, you’ll undoubtedly find nuggets of PR genius that you would be smart to emulate.

With that in mind, I often find myself watching my favorite shows through the PR lens. To help you feel inspired, here are six things that I’ve learned from TV’s most powerful female characters:

  1. Annaliese Keating, “How to Get Away with Murder:” Through good times and bad times (well, let’s be honest – mostly bad in her case), Annaliese knows the importance of surrounding herself with smart, trustworthy and hardworking people. Having a solid team supporting you can make a world of difference.
  1. Olivia Pope, “Scandal:” Olivia always trusts her gut when it comes to figuring out how to deal with a crisis. Take a page out of her book—don’t hesitate to trust your own instincts. If your client is dealing with a crisis and you have a gut feeling about how they should respond, pay attention to it—and don’t be afraid to speak up!
  1. Peggy Olson, “Mad Men:” Peggy is tenacious and smart, and never stops striving for the career that she wants. She has worked her way up from the bottom and has caught the attention of her superiors, due largely to the fact that she isn’t scared to take creative risks. She has stepped out of her comfort zone, which helped her come up with new and creative ideas that her clients loved. When it comes to PR, it never hurts to think outside of the box!
  1. Margaery Tyrell, “Game of Thrones:” Margaery knows more than most the importance of adapting to the situation at hand. She’s already on to her third husband, but that doesn’t bring her down. She’s continuously adjusting her plan, and keeping her eye on the prize. In our industry, client priorities are always changing; it’s important to remain flexible and be able to switch directions successfully at a moment’s notice.
  1. Meredith Grey, “Grey’s Anatomy:” Meredith has one of the most difficult jobs in the world, literally holding the lives of others in her hands on a daily basis. However, she always remembers that balance is important, and lives by the motto “work hard, play hard.” After a long day, she understands the importance of winding down with colleagues and friends alike (usually complete with tequila shots and dancing), and taking the time to celebrate successes.
  1. Leslie Knope, “Parks and Recreation:” Leslie is a champ, completing a workload fit for five people daily. However, no matter what she’s faced with, she always stays positive. Although PR can often be stressful, keeping an optimistic outlook can make all the difference!


Do you have a favorite TV character that has taught you a lesson about PR? If so, please share with us in the comments section below!

Taylor Smith
Senior Account Executive

* Photo credit: ABC, NBC, HBO & AMC.


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