Twitter’s Newest Hidden Feature: Website Analytics

Did you know that Twitter can tell you what’s happening with your website? Neither did we until recently, when we stumbled upon yet another incredible, powerful, wonderful feature that they forgot to tell us about (apparently it only merited a developer’s blog post on a Friday afternoon).


Twitter’s new feature lets you verify and authenticate your website’s domain with the service, then see everything happening on Twitter to that domain. Someone mention a piece of content on your website? Twitter will tell you about it. Someone link to you in a tweet but didn’t tell you? Twitter can show you that link and how well it performed. Got people sharing using proprietary link shorteners that hide their stats to the general public? Twitter will tell you what’s happening with every link to your website, no matter what tool was used to create it.

Watch how to set this powerful, free feature up for your website in this very short video tutorial in just 5 minutes. Like this tutorial? Please share it!

Christopher S. Penn
Vice President, Marketing Technology


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