Each year we take a look at the best and the worst content to understand what worked and what didn’t. We also consider what it changes in terms of our writing in the year ahead. There’s an easy way to do this within Google Analytics, especially if you date your posts within the URLs and use WordPress as your content management system.

But first, let’s take a look at the Greatest Hits from the SHIFT Communications blog.

  1. The Worst Times And Days For Press Releases
  2. 5 Tips For Facebook Graph Search Optimization
  3. Twitters Newest Hidden Feature Website Analytics
  4. 2014 Public Relations PR Trends To Watch
  5. What Is Crisis Communications
  6. 7 Ways To Measure PR Standard Media Metrics
  7. 7 Ways To Measure PR Introduction
  8. The Good Bad And Potentially Ugly Of Facebook Hashtags
  9. What Facebooks Newsfeed Changes Mean For Marketers And PR Pros
  10. How Should You Handle The New FTC Social Media Regulations

Our posts are obviously heavy on the PR side. We also write a lot about social networking news, SEO news and changes and so on.

How to do this for your own blog/website

From here you can get a bit more elaborate and summarize each post if you’d like. Depending on your writing style, your headlines may not tell the whole story and a summary will give your audience a reason to read the posts.

Open up Google Analytics, you want to navigate to Behavior -> Site Content -> All Posts. Now here’s the part where dating your blog post comes in handy. In the search box above your site content results, type in 2013. Make sure your dates are set for the entire year and then ta-da. An easy list of posts and their performance by the number of visitors appears.

Google Analytics Top 10 2013

And now a question: Which SHIFT post did you love that didn’t make it to our list? We’d love to know!


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