Three Tips to Nail a New Business Pitch

In agency land it’s not just about keeping our current clients happy, but also adding new clients to the roster. Those who are new to PR, and even some seasoned professionals, often get nervous during new business pitches. Let’s face it, sitting and talking in front of a room full of strangers isn’t always easy.

I used to get much more nervous when heading into a pitch, but after more than 20 new business pitches under my belt, I’ve picked up some tricks.

Here are three simple tips to help you nail an in-person new business pitch:

1. Dress in something that makes you feel confident:

  • In today’s work world and especially in Silicon Valley, every day has become “casual Friday.” Although you always want to dress your best for a new business presentation, stick with something that feels comfortable and natural to you and will help your confidence. If you aren’t used to wearing dresses and heels, throw on a nice pair of slacks and flats instead. Now you can focus on wowing your new potential client with your PR knowledge instead of feeling uncomfortable in what you’re wearing.

2. Pull from past experience:

  • Potential clients are hiring you for your experience – duh! Remember that although things may seem common knowledge to you, they likely aren’t to the CEO of a company who doesn’t do PR every day. Always reference past experiences and campaigns. When you are talking to campaigns you have personally worked on you’ll surprise yourself with the amount of knowledge you have and your confidence will shine through.

3. Ask questions:

  • Although we are the ones in the spotlight, we aren’t there just to answer questions and robotically go through our presentation. To help make the conversation more natural, make sure you are asking questions as well – it’s not just a one-way conversation. By asking smart questions the client will see that you have done your research and thought through the problems that might arise.

The key to a new business presentation is confidence and by following these three tips, your nerves will slowly disappear.

Happy new business pitching!

Madeline Willman
Account Manager


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