The Modern Guide to Trade Show Marketing

Marketers are continually looking to improve ROI, and in the recent past have leaned heavily on online and social tools to drive efficient and measurable results. The one area in the marketing mix that seems to escape refined measurement (and takes substantial budget!) is trade shows.

Companies still feel the pull of the trade show as a way to balance the online and in-person relationship, but struggle with how to quantify their investment beyond “we need to be there.”

Luckily, with advances in IoT, AI and hyper-local advertising marketers have solutions at the ready to help tie the offline experiences of trade shows to more data-driven measurable results.

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In our new eBook, “The Modern Guide to Trade Show Marketing,” we detail a robust playbook on how to better manage the more “traditional” aspects of trade show marketing, while also detailing how to apply technology to round out your event marketing strategy and fill in the pieces of the trade show ROI puzzle.

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Derek Lyons
Senior Vice President


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