Thanks to all the advances in data and technology taking place today, the future of marketing has never been brighter. It has also never been more rapidly evolving, forcing marketers and professionals from all industry walks to work harder than ever to keep pace. We at SHIFT believe it is imperative to embrace the challenges this reality presents and focus on how we can think and do differently in order to overcome them.

Many of the experts facing these challenges head on were on hand at the 2014 FutureM Conference in Boston, an annual event where thousands of industry professionals converge to discuss the intersection of marketing integration and business innovation. With not an opportunity to waste, Christopher Penn sat down with nine attendees to get their thoughts on the future of marketing.

The Future of Marketing ebook features all nine interviews, covering topics from big data and wearables to security and the sales and social media landscapes. Those interviewed range from CEOs and journalists and include the following:

The interviews explore a variety of questions, including:

  • Innovations and issues that people are not yet talking about but should be
  • Elements of marketing today that are both working and not working
  • Gradual and sudden changes being witnessed across the marketing field
  • Disruptions that marketers should be keeping an eye that are not yet on the radar

Download our free eBook – The Future of Marketing: 9 Expert Interviews on Where Marketing is Going – to learn the answers to these questions and gain the insights necessary to help your brand succeed as we navigate the marketing industry today and beyond.

Zach Burrus
Marketing Analyst

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