SHIFTers’ 2015 Professional Resolutions (and How We’ll Keep Them)


Well, it’s officially 2015. Welcome to a new year and a new you, right? If Twitter’s data does us justice, we’ll all be exercising more, drinking less and losing all of that holiday weight in no time.

As the data indicates, most of our resolutions seem to be made in more of a personal light. While I’m all about running more and spending less, I’m also aiming to make sure I focus on my professional self in the New Year. I plan to read Flipboard daily, hone my media relations skills and shore up my social media marketing game. I’d like to grab coffee with coworkers more often, too.

Speaking of, with these resolutions top of mind coming off the holiday, I thought I’d check in with my fellow SHIFTers to see how they’re hoping to step it up professionally in 2015. I wasn’t at all surprised to see so many of them come up with such kick@$$ resolutions, which you can check out below.

Have you created a professional resolution of your own? I know it sounds cliché, but no better time than the present. Even if you have, our SHIFTers’ resolutions may just inspire you to add to your own list. I know this was true for me.

As we all know, though, resolutions themselves aren’t enough. Just like when we stop hitting the gym in the dead of winter or toss aside that list of books when our premieres roll around (#HouseOfCards, anyone?), let’s not forget the importance of following through.

When it comes to your resolutions, jot them down in your planner, post them at your desk and/or put them in your phone. I even tasked a coworker with keeping me in check. I’m sure your manager or work wife/husband will do the same!

Do what you’ve gotta do to follow through, and make sure you’re revisiting your resolutions regularly. Don’t let yourself come down from that New Year’s high!

Now let’s get to our resolutions…

Attend more networking events in Boston. Time to get more #connected! – Maria Baez, SHIFT Boston

Read more! For pleasure, but to learn as much as possible, and know as much as I can #knowledgeispower Learn more IT/tech (how it works, how to work it, how to fix it, etc.) to make my job easier and more effective. – Peter Bayuk, SHIFT SF

Get more connected, both personally and professionally, since I’ve transplanted from Texas to New York. Always good to make more friends, right? – Stephanie Chan, SHIFT NYC

Stop saying that I’m busy when asked how I’m doing, especially at work but also within social situations. Everyone’s busy. Everyone’s doing the best they can to get by. Even if I am currently up to my ears in pitching or writing a quarterly PR plan, saying that I’m busy will not only turn off the person who asked me but it will also trick my brain into stress mode. This is always unnecessary (I’m not curing cancer for crying out loud!). So, in 2015, I vow to never be busy. But to always be working toward that next goal. – Katelyn Davis, SHIFT SF

I’m planning to just slow down. I’ve finally accepted the fact that there will always be something else I have to do, and rushing through certain tasks just to be able to move on to the next one is ineffective and ultimately more time-consuming. This year, I want to make sure I’m taking my time to ensure everything I work on is done to the best of my ability – no matter how many other things I have to do. – Casey Egan, SHIFT Boston

I am going to refrain from using all buzz or crutch words, internally, with clients and with media, because with so many PR people out there, everyone sounds the same. – Dave Finn, SHIFT NYC

Look to incorporate new ways to measure campaigns and really showcase the positive impact we’re making. Our teams do kick@$$ work and there is nothing better than sharing stellar results in a new light. – Megan Hand, SHIFT Boston

Work on a project outside my comfort zone. Work more with our Marketing Technology and Creative teams and LEARN SOMETHING. Gain more confidence in the professional skills I already have, and improve upon ones that need improvement. – Jordan Ingram, SHIFT Boston 

Write my first eBook and read MORE! – Katie McGraw, SHIFT Boston

Eat lunch away from my desk every day. I get it. Sometimes you’re so swamped that you have no idea how you’re going to get everything done in a workday and you just have to work through. This really shouldn’t be an everyday thing, though. In 2015, I resolve to make it a priority to get up and eat lunch away from my desk – bonus points if I get outside to eat. When I leave my desk and computer at lunchtime, I feel more focused and ready to tackle the next set of challenges when I get back. Giddy up! – Emily Mong, SHIFT Austin

Take more frequent breaks. Gluing myself to my chair won’t make me more productive, and it’s important to get up and walk around throughout the day. – Colleen Murphy, SHIFT Boston

Focus at least one hour every other week on my own professional development. There is no way to get better or ahead if you’re not improving on your skills! – Kristina Norris, SHIFT SF

Dress more professionally for work. My high school drama teacher always told me to dress up when you weren’t feeling well and you’ll feel better if you do. I’m trying to apply this to work, too. If I look good, I feel good and I do good work. – Kelsey Robb, SHIFT Boston

This year I’d like to spend more time thinking of big, creative ideas that push the envelope while still tying back to measurement and ROI. Oh yeah, and megaphone-pranking everyone in the office… – Julie Staadecker, SHIFT Boston

Take more time each day to study social media campaigns taking place both on- and offline, allowing for more informed and creative brainstorms. – Ansleigh W. Scholtes, SHIFT NYC

I’d like to eventually take advantage of SHIFT’s office exchange program and meet fellow SHIFTers across the country. Our agency is already an incredibly cohesive environment, and this is a wonderful opportunity to get to know more team members in-person and develop stronger professional relationships. Not to mention getting to explore San Francisco, New York and now Austin is an awesome added benefit. – Parker Winslow, SHIFT Boston

Zach Burrus
Marketing Analyst

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