SHIFT Shares: The Thanksgiving Edition

We have a lot to be thankful for here at SHIFT, and we’re not afraid to show it. What better way to celebrate a SHIFT Thanksgiving than to round up thoughts from SHIFTers far and wide about what they’re most thankful for?

That is, after potlucks on both coasts, of course.


Fighting fantastic food comas, SHIFTers wrote in to share their thanks.

At the top of the list were thanks for the wonderful people we are lucky enough to work with every day

After nearly eight years at SHIFT, I am incredibly thankful to have colleagues who feel more like family. Yes, some days are crazier than others in this business. But there’s truly no group of people I’d rather work alongside than my SHIFT team.
– Jen Usher, Account Director

I’m so thankful for a supportive family both at home and at SHIFT.
– Alan Marcus, Vice President

I’m thankful for my partner, Todd Defren. Although I really wish he’d ditch that “woot woot” thing. What is that? I’m thankful that Paula Finestone runs this place, because neither I nor Todd can add or subtract with consistent accuracy. I’m thankful that Amy Lyons resists the urge to critique my wardrobe (her eye rolls tell the story in a much more humane way). And I am thankful for every hour, day, week, month, and year that I am a part of this great organization, and able to work with all of you.
– Jim Joyal, Co-founder and Partner

We’re also thankful for the unbeatable office perks, awesome benefits, flexible policies, and the little things that give SHIFT’s offices personality

I am thankful for the kegerators. 🙂
– Todd Defren, CEO

The opportunity to continue to work for a company I love while avoiding all forms of precipitation.
– Amanda Grinavich, Marketing Analyst who is now working remotely from sunny San Diego.

The clapping Jim cut out.
– Peter Bayuk, Office Coordinator

Animated gifs in Yammer!
– Justin Finnegan, Account Manager

Our amazing healthcare policy and the muscle put behind the Healthy SHIFT initiative… I feel lucky to work for a company that invests in the health of its employees.
– Rachel Koppes, Account Executive

And for the #positive support that helps us tackle challenges and grow…

Most thankful for my team’s embodiment of the POSITIVE value – whether it’s a tough media week or an endless workload, the team always stays positive and has each other’s backs.
– Jenn Modica, Account Coordinator

I’m thankful for the support that I’ve received while learning to manage a team. It’s been incredibly valuable and helpful to me.
– Chel Wolverton, Marketing Account Manager

I’m thankful for my diverse and talented team that makes coming to work everyday both challenging and fun!
– Ansleigh Westfall Scholtes, Senior Account Executive

Perhaps most of all, we’re thankful to be part of a #creative, #dedicated and #ballsy culture that and embraces innovative risk-taking, encourages creative problem-solving, and blazes new trails every day:

I’m thankful for the chance to come to work every day and break, take apart and make new things. It’s a dream job for me because I have the freedom to explore.
– Chris Penn, Vice President

Many organizations have layers of red tape that stifle creativity and slow down progress; but here, new ideas are encouraged with little push-back. If things don’t go perfectly, it’s viewed as a learning experience – not something to be reprimanded for.
– Kristina Norris, Learning & Development Coordinator 

The opportunity and ability to break barriers and develop really cool, kickass ideas with some of the most creative people I’ve ever met!
– Megan Hand, Account Manager

And hey, it’s great that we love coming to work:

I am thankful for the opportunity to laugh out loud each and every day.
– Annie Perkins, Vice President

Got through all that delightful Thanksgiving sappiness? Now it’s your turn. What are YOU thankful for in your career?

JJ Samp
Marketing Analyst


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