SHIFT Culture: 3 Benefits of Rockstar Internal Content


Here at SHIFT, we talk a lot about generating content. Incorporating visuals into your content. Making your content more “human.” Ways to never run out of content. A lot of the content creation we talk about is external: what your business (or your clients) can do to showcase thought leadership and generate more awareness. But there is another type of content that shouldn’t be ignored either: internal content. Internal content, specifically to entertain and inform people within an organization, is important too.

Why? There are a few benefits to having rockstar internal content. Here are some of them along with how you can incorporate them into your set of regularly scheduled programming:

Connecting Offices

Many organizations have multiple offices across states, countries or even around the world. Although technology allows us to video-chat and have “face-to-face” meetings from across the country, it can be hard to maintain company-wide values and initiatives when your employees are spread out all over the place. Internal content, be it a company-wide newsletter or something as simple as a daily email blast, can make employees feel connected.

Education and Training

It’s not always feasible to hold in-person training sessions to brief your team on the latest product or service offering. Internal communications can help with the process. Film a training session and host the video on a private YouTube channel. Publish a witty how-to guide. When you distribute internal content, you can insure quality control within your organization. Everyone has access to the same information.

Promoting Company Culture

Your internal content doesn’t always have to be all work and no play. At SHIFT, our own monthly internal newsletter is called “The Mullet,” and embodies the very essence of our favorite 80’s hairstyle – Business in the front. Party in the back.

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 2.41.24 PMEmployees from our various offices share stories, tweetable Q&As and the latest insights from the PR and marketing industries. Each office tries to out-wit the others, creating a hilarious, sarcasm-filled newsletter every month.

At any organization, it is the employees that establish and promote the company culture. Embrace it! Next time you’re drafting your internal content, don’t forget its purpose. Whether it’s a company-wide announcement, training or something else entirely, get #creative and remember to add that party in the back.

Tori Sabourin
Marketing Coordinator


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