SHIFT Communications Moves to Downtown Boston!

As I type this note, I am sitting in our sparkling new space in the heart of Boston’s Back Bay; a space that is a perfect representation of SHIFT – open, collaborative and vibrant. To start 2018 in our new home is truly exciting. The best part is that we were able to create a space that our team can feel excited about, where they’re energized to come to work each day, and where there’s no end to the opportunities for fun and connection just outside our door step.


shift communications


And that’s really what drove our decision to move. After 15 years in “the burbs” we knew that as our team grows, the connection to downtown Boston grows too. For employees that crave the vitality of an urban environment and easy access to public transportation, to clients and prospects that are part of the Boston innovation ecosystem, this move sets us on a path that will create boundless opportunities for growth.


shift communications boston


The new space also afforded us the opportunity to rethink our layout and by extension how we work.  With a full open concept design, we prioritized natural light, collaboration space and social hubs, providing our team with a range of destinations to work independently or in groups.


shift communications boston


It was important to us to create an atmosphere where everyone could find their working vibe, the environment that allows them to do their best work and this meant a design that is adaptable and fluid. The kitchen has become a social focal point for many, but also a welcomed afternoon change of scene for those looking for a quiet spot where a view of Copley provides the perfect inspiration.

We hope you’ll join us for a visit soon!

Amy Lyons
Managing Partner


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