As each year comes to a close, we like to sneak a peek into the SHIFT archives to see our content hits and misses. When devising a content strategy for a new year, it’s important to take note of what worked (and why) to plan what’s to come next year. Want to see how to do this for your blog? Here’s how.

Our top posts from the first quarter of 2015 focused on Facebook and SHIFT updates. Let’s take a look:

The Facebook Paradox, Part 2: No Free Lunch

We’ve talked a lot in the past year about Facebook, from the evolution of its advertising offering to the almost complete destruction of organic reach for brand pages. When it comes to promotional content, Facebook has made it clear you have to pay to play; the free ride is truly over.

As a brand manager, the best thing you can do is accept this fact and adjust strategies. Organic posts won’t get nearly the same reach as paid promotions. If Facebook is where your target audience spends time online, allocate a portion of your marketing spend to Facebook advertising. As long as you utilize Facebook’s advanced targeting capabilities and execute your campaigns well, there is still plenty of benefit to be gained from a brand page on Facebook.

Data-Driven PR Milestone: SHIFT Becomes Google Analytics Certified Partner

2015 was a big year for SHIFT – we opened an office in Austin, expanded our senior leadership team (and then did it again!), and last but not least, became a Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP). As a GACP, our goal is to advance the cause of data-driven PR with our clients and industry, to help understand the value of public relations, and to use that data to make PR as impactful as possible.

The road to becoming a GACP took over two years; the Agency now boasts multiple GAIQ certified professionals, as well as several SHIFTers with individual AdWords Certifications. What does this mean for clients? Our clients now gain a competitive edge through better data, analysis and insights.

Keep PR Weird: SHIFT Starts 2015 With New Austin Office

SHIFT started 2015 off with a bang, announcing the opening of a shiny new office in Austin, TX! Why Texas? Austin is an up-and-coming metro with more tech startups than ever before. It’s not just startups, though – the tech sector in Austin contributes $21 billion to the local economy.

Along with a new office, SHIFT congratulated Matt Trocchio, a ten-year veteran at SHIFT, on his appointment to Vice President. Matt made the move to the lone start state to lead the charge down south for SHIFT.

Tori Sabourin
Senior Marketing Analyst


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