As the year comes to a close, we like to analyze the SHIFT archives to learn what content performed best. It’s important to take see what worked and what didn’t work to plan for the new year to come. Want to see how to analyze your own blog? Here’s how.

The best of Q4 2017 focused on data conferences, PR trends and the state of social media. 

Shared Media As Defined By Marketing Experts

As PR professionals, we all work with media, whether it is paid, earned, owned or share, better known as PESO. However, what does the term “shared media” actually mean? We spoke with three industry experts to help us better define share media. It was concluded that shared media is the most important in the PESO mix, but you can’t truly create shared media. Check out why.

IBM CDO Strategy Summit Roundup

The IBM Chief Data Officer Strategy Summit, a bi-annual event hosted by IBM, was this past fall. Some of our employees had the pleasure of attending and getting the inside scoop on the key issues in data. The key takeaways included topics such as data governance, innovation and digital transformation and implications for marketing and PR. Read more to see how you can incorporate data into your public relations and marketing strategy.

State Of Social Media, 3Q 2017: Twitter Restates

Twitter announced a recap of their Q3 earnings and we decided to jump in on the action to take a look at their progress over the last few years. With Tableau, we were able to map out audience growth and ad revenue over time.

Jordyn Danielson
Marketing Analyst 


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