NYC PR: The Juiciest Part of the Big Apple

New York City: the city of endless opportunity, soaring sky scrapers, and of course, those pesky Times Square costumed characters. With thousands of national and local media outlets scattered across the five boroughs, it’s also the unofficial home to the field of public relations.

Media epicenter status aside, what is it about PR and NYC that go hand in hand? Like grimy subway stairs and pizza rat, the two are inseparable and seemingly made for each other.

Just what is it about New York City PR firms though that make agencies such as SHIFT so sought after? And more importantly – how can you benefit? Here’s my take, in a New York minute:

We are the City that Never Sleeps – literally.

As one of the top commerce capitals of the world, we understand the speed of business perhaps better than anyone else. Getting it done yesterday has become the norm for client expectations. New York PR practitioners like myself skillfully and routinely translate that sense of urgency when it comes to meeting client and reporter deadlines. With a 24/7 news cycle, you need a city that never sleeps in order to match the pace.

The media is practically on our stoop.

The majority of New York City PR agencies are a short walk, subway ride or yellow cab trip away from some of the world’s most influential media outlets publications covering business, finance, consumer, B2B and technology, not to mention every vertical under the sun, from biking to bird watching. Being in close proximity is key to building relationships and getting a more intimate understanding of the kinds of stories that resonate most with reporters. Email and phone are great, but when it comes to PR, nothing beats face time.

We know our way around Silicon Alley.

Countless start-ups in diverse fields ranging from medical simulation software to fin-tech hubs call New York City home. Often, these emerging companies and brands have very distinct public relations needs as they look to get their fledgling businesses off the ground, whether it’s catching the eye of an influential investor or driving increased visibility to help close on a round of funding. As the economy continues to shore up, the needs among this particular group will only grow in the months and years ahead.

Have you seen how thick our skin is?

New Yorkers are adept at dealing with everything from rude cabbies to crowded subways and people with generally short fuses. Let’s face it, there’s a reason why Joe Torre was one of the most successful managers in Yankees history: he could handle the Boss with relative ease and rarely got rattled. The same can be said about NY PR practitioners and their ability to “get” reporters. Phrases like “no”, “never” and “get atta-he-a” don’t stop us. In fact, they often motivate us to work smarter at finding innovative ways around obstacles… setting us up to achieve and exceed our clients’ expectations.

New York PR practitioners and the agencies they work for are a different breed. That chip you might notice on our shoulder is most likely the result of a proud personal or professional achievement, and less likely due to the fact that we know the difference between the 4-5-6 and the N-R. (wait – you don’t know?) So the next time you’re thinking about hiring a PR firm for a product launch, financial comms or brand repositioning, come and take a bite out of the Big Apple.

Alan Marcus
Senior Vice President


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