New SHIFT eBook: Predictive Analytics and the Future of PR

Modern companies and organizations have the capability to leverage data to produce insights and data-driven business decisions. As such, the future of business is in large data sets and the observations derived from the analysis. The latest focus is on predictive analytics and the power one can wield by predicting future trends. Public relations, a communication-driven field, can and will continue to benefit from this futuristic tool.

What is Predictive Analytics?

So, what exactly is predictive analytics? By definition, it’s the “statistical discipline of predicting what’s likely to happen based on existing data.” Essentially, in its most basic form, this is the practice of connecting numerous points on a plot, giving us the ability to “connect the dots.”  The expansive variety of software and technology at our fingertips allows everyone the opportunity to turn data into valuable insight.

How Does Predictive Analytics Apply to PR?

A great example of how predictive analytics applies to PR is the process of creating a crisis communication plan. With this eBook, PR Pros can learn how to use data, model it over time, and ultimately, use machine learning to extract the most common complaints and talking points. Using this information allows you to build out an effective data-driven action plan. This is just one of many use cases discussed in this eBook.

Leverage Predictive Analytics as a PR Team

If you’re a PR Team looking to begin using predictive analytics for future endeavors, look no further. Discover first-hand how to ensure you are using clean, compatible data that was chosen well.

The purpose of PR is to generate awareness and trust, so start exploring how to apply data collected about your customers to drive initiatives. We’ll walk through how to use the indicated machine learning tools to project important the data series forward, highlighting important time frames. Furthermore, learn how to weed out the bad data, identify black swans, consider confounding variables and account for insufficient engineering.

What’s the Future of Predictive Analytics in PR?

Today, predictive analytics still requires a degree of technical proficiency. As a result, work directly with three classes of individuals that we identify for you. These individuals will be able to perform an accurate predictive analysis.

As more software is developed and predictive capabilities for business users continue to expand, the PR industry will continue to embrace this approach. The future of PR will be powered by predictive analytics and machine learning so start learning how to prepare by downloading this insightful eBook today!

Lisa Zanchi
Marketing Analyst


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