New eBook: Google Analytics Basics for PR Pros

Leads are important. Sales are important. Think PR has nothing to do with either one? Think again. PR may not have the ability to directly impact sales, but it can help. Google Analytics can show you how.

We’ve stressed, time and time again, on this blog how important measuring results and the impact of PR is for practitioners striving to prove their value and business worth to clients. Sure, clients give you a high-five when you get that rockstar piece of coverage in the New York Times…but want to really rock their socks off? Show them how much money they made.

Ever since Jerry Maguire shouted, “show me the money!” businesses have shifted from trusting PR instinct to asking how much that PR hit truly impacted the bottom line.

In this eBook, we’ll cover top metrics to measure, how you can find (and use!) data to inform your PR strategy, and more. Whether you’re in-house or work in an agency, this eBook will get you the basics you need to start measuring today. No prior Google Analytics experience necessary!

Click here to download the latest eBook from SHIFT, Google Analytics Basics for PR Professionals!



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