Medium-logo-darkIn an effort to draw in more users of all types, Medium has made some changes to its interface. Most frequently thought of as a long-form blogging platform, Medium has become a true writer’s platform.

But founder Ev Williams wants to dismiss the idea that it must solely support longer content (see “A Less Long, More Connected Medium”). Sometimes, he says, quality content is not polished content. And in the age of collaboration, presenting your ideas to other thinkers can help hone your message. So this week, he announced three changes to the platform to do just that: inline editing for on-the-go writing — where titles aren’t required for posting; a stream that allows for better browsing and previews; and tags to assist with discovery.

For a more detailed breakdown of the product improvements, check out Brian Ellin’s “New ways to write and read on Medium.”

Quality of any length

So there you have it. Short bursts of thought on the go, or longer more in-depth pieces that aren’t encumbered by word counts. Quality comes in many shapes and sizes. And now you can have Medium, Small or Large.

Scott Monty
EVP, Strategy

A version of this post originally appeared on Medium.

Photo Credit: Entrepreneurial Insights


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