Many PR Tools Are Free, But PR Talent is Not

One of the greatest misconceptions about PR and marketing in the digital age is that because many of the tools of the trade are low or no cost, from email to social media to research, that PR and marketing must therefore be equally free or low cost. Nothing could be further from the truth, but rather than write a lengthy exposition about why this is not the case, we thought we’d demonstrate with video.

Using free and low cost tools, we will demonstrate what a lack of talent creates, as I attempt to play Jingle Bells to the best of my nonexistent abilities. Following that, Jarret Izzo will demonstrate, using the same free and low cost tools, what real talent can create.

A quick look at the sheet music reveals the difference in talent, made with the same tools:

No talent:




As it is in music, so it is in PR and marketing. Owning an inexpensive keyboard and Garageband clearly does not make me a musician. Owning inexpensive or free PR tools and marketing tools does not make you a talented marketer or public relations professional.

When you look to hire, whether it’s an in-house specialist or an agency, whether it’s music or marketing, remember that it’s not the tools you are hiring, but the talent.

Holiday bonus: if you’d like to download Jarret’s version of Jingle Bells, feel free, since Jingle Bells is in the public domain. Feel free to learn more about him at

Christopher S. Penn
Vice President, Marketing Technology


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