How to Choose a MarTech Stack: a new eBook from SHIFT

With a plethora of Marketing Technology tools available at our fingertips, how are we, as marketers, supposed to know which is the best fit for our needs and goals? The overwhelming number of choices to satisfy even one objective can result in making a poor decision – which can cause money to be wasted, time wasted, or money left on the table.  Before leaping at the prospect of investing in all of the tools you THINK you need, exercise some consideration and make an informed decision.

In this new eBook from SHIFT’s very own Christopher S. Penn, we break down step-by-step how to strategically select the best martech stack to set your business up for success! Check out some of the key takeaways and tactics you’ll learn:


Understand goals, KPIs, and limits that will drive the strategy you want and, ultimately, your choices. You’ll also learn the catalog method and what some of the most important considerations are in the early stages.


As with any project, it’s important to manage the people involved and all the moving parts. Discover how to plan accordingly and how to strategically choose what types of individuals you want in assisting with the deployment of your martech stack. Remember roles differ from titles, ensure everyone on your team puts the objective of the project above hierarchy.


Define your process including three core themes: scopes of work, project plan, and governance model. We’ll also walk you through how to choose appropriate process management models.


Creating the dreaded marketing technology RFP is no easy feat, and can be overwhelming. Use the steps we’ve outlined to narrow down the field of choices. Highlight the identified strategies and guidelines, and outline your criteria for selection using our method.


Learn how to error correct and avoid common mistakes associated with the deployment of a martech stack.  We’ll also share best practices for measuring success and keeping your finger on the pulse of the tools being used.

The future of marketing technology is bright and is ever-evolving. Discover what’s coming down the pipeline and use these guidelines to consistently evaluate your martech stack deck. Grab your copy today!

Lisa Zanchi
Marketing Analyst


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