The holidays are upon us. Whether it’s TIME or USA Today, Gawker or Good Morning America, ‘tis the season for holiday content and data.

Here at SHIFT, we recently got in the spirit and wrapped up (pun fully intended) our own holiday-related research. As we combed through the data, we uncovered some valuable insights about generational habits during this time of year.

It turns out age is key in answering questions about how much we spend on the holidays, where we shop, and our most and least favorite aspects. But no matter your age, research also divulges some undeniable trends.

Who knew Millennials are most likely to be big spenders? That Gen Xers are all about hanging the holiday decorations? That Boomers, especially, hate the holiday crowds?

These are only a few highlights of our research. For more, check out our full infographic below.

Holiday Shopping Infographic Final

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Zach Burrus
Marketing Analyst

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