For the first 20 years of my career the number one focus of my efforts in public relations was securing the interest of dear old mom. Mom is the purveyor of goods. Mom holds the purse strings. Mom makes the decisions for her family and influences her friends. But guess what? It is time to embrace Dad.

Dad is in the game, has money to spend and he is spending it. According to Pew Research nearly 2 million men are now stay at home dads who spend more time with their kids than their parents ever spent with them. Growing up during the 80s you would think that the only thing Dad was good for was keeping the chair warm while he watched the game and drank his beer. Today, we see fathers represented as true partners in the parenting journey. Last spring Vicks launched a campaign “Dad’s Don’t Take Sick Days.” How refreshing to see Dads taking responsibility for their children in such and honest and relatable way.

When Modern Family first hit the airways we were lead to believe that only Claire could possibly keep the family on track and make it happen day in and day out. As the years passed, the characters have evolved and the program today more closely represents the realities of modern parenting.    Families are learning to stretch outside their comfort zones, take on new roles and embrace what ‘family’ means in new ways.

What does this mean for marketers? Don’t forget about Dad. As we seek to create special moments that invite people to stop, read, view and consider we need to include the temperament of the new world Dad. Finding themes that live at the heart and soul of all families will allow us to embrace change and impact our brands bottom line. Looking for advice on raising your children? Looking for a laugh in the midst of the insanity? These dads have the answer! Check out some of my favorites:

Annie Perkins
Vice President


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