Every year, when Thanksgiving rolls around, we are reminded to acknowledge what we are thankful for. Whether it’s that giant slice of pumpkin pie with extra whipped cream or gratitude for being able to spend the holiday with your loved ones, everyone at SHIFT is grateful for something. We asked some SHIFTers to let us know what they are thankful for this holiday season and, for an instantaneous smile, take a read below to see what they came up with.

“I’m thankful for my wild, artistic, ball of energy of a toddler, Charlie. She is the light of my life.” – Jen Toole, Vice President, Healthcare

“I’m thankful I get to work with talented, smart, capable, hardworking, creative, kind, funny people every single day.”- Kally Lavoie, Senior Account Executive, Boston

“I’m thankful for my 20 minute walk to work!” – Mairin McCabe, Account Executive, Boston

“I’m thankful for my amazing team and colleagues. They’re creative, smart and a whole lot of fun – and make coming to work enjoyable every day.” – Taylor Gallagher, Senior Account Manager, Boston

“Boston. I visited as an adult for the first time just about a year ago and made the move not too long after. I never ever saw myself in a city but I’m happy to call Boston my home now.” – Taylor VanDyke, Account Executive, Boston

“I’m thankful for a warm, welcoming, and supportive team here at SHIFT. A transition into a new job can be intimidating, but they’ve welcomed me with open arms and support!” – Devon Hanley, Creative Producer, Boston

“I am thankful that we continue to challenge each other every day and the learning never stops.” – Annie Perkins, SVP, Boston

“I’m thankful for my human, dog, and bunny family, great colleagues and clients, and 49er football.” – Alan Dunton

“I’m thankful for my family and that they are all healthy, happy and engaged in what brings them joy.  I’m thankful to have the absolute pleasure of working with people that I care deeply about and that brings a smile to my face each and every day.” – Jim Joyal

“I’m incredibly thankful for my family’s constant love and support, each of which have no doubt been tested a bit as I transition from NATIONAL to SHIFT, and from Toronto to Boston. None of this would have been remotely possible without them beside me every step of the way.” – Rick Murray, Managing Partner

“I’m incredibly thankful to have a great work/life balance. Thanks to a flex schedule and generous PTO! And most of all good health and amazing love and support from family and friends!” – Kristen Zukowski, Operations Manager

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with clients working to change the status quo in so many different ways.” – Leslie Clavin, Vice President

“I’m thankful for becoming a mom to my beautiful baby boy this year, and to my wonderful SHIFT SF colleagues for helping me navigate my new world as a working mom.” – Becky Pocock, Account Director

“I’m thankful for workplace flexibility, year-round sunshine (shout-out to San Diego), good books, the best family & friends a girl could ask for, and Beyonce.” – Amanda Grinavich, Account Director

“I’m thankful for all the incredibly smart ideas that come from our amicably odd creative team”

And a big whopping Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Maria Gallagher,

Senior Account Manager


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