How To Find Inspiration When You Need It Most

Find Inspiration In Simple Ways

As PR professionals, and particularly in our agency roles, one of the top qualities we’re lauded for is our creativity. We’re constantly brainstorming diverse ways to launch a brand, sustain momentum, or create a memorable campaign for our clients. It follows that our ability to find inspiration should be a priority.

But, let’s face it: we’ve all been through days when the ideas don’t feel like they’re coming to us as easily. Here are a few tactics to kick start your thinking, help you find inspiration, and get you back on the #creative track:

Find Inspiration On a Walk
Yes, you have time to do this! Take 5-10 minutes and go for a brisk walk outside. Go it alone, or bring a coworker, and focus your mind away from the topic at hand. Pay attention to and draw inspiration from the physical elements around you: the weather, passersbys, the colors in nature. It’s a great way to take a break, get blood flowing to your brain, and return to your workspace feeling rejuvenated.

Diversify Your Mind

Read something you think has nothing to do with your client or your work. Then, challenge yourself to make connections between the two. This exercise helps shake up your perspective and the sources you’re exposing yourself to. For example, Construction Today recently wrote an article about how to train America’s workforce, a process familiar to many brands, but not just those in the construction industry.

Turn Off Your Tech

While reading the news, Twitter and sites like Upworthy are great for creativity. However, after a certain point, you may be distracting yourself more than you’re aware of. Move away from your computer and put pen to paper. Isolate what you’re trying to brainstorm into one sentence: “How can we….?” Then, let yourself rapidly write whatever comes to mind. No judgment allowed! This helps you focus in and get to the heart of the challenge quickly.

Talk It Out

Find a colleague to connect with. Articulating your need to find inspiration to someone else can help you begin thinking in a deeper way. Share ideas. How have they tackled lack of creativity before? What helped them? What challenges can you help each other solve?

Feeling more inspired already? We hope so! Share how you reignite your creativity in the comments.

Liz Iannotti
Account Manager


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