Don’t Forget: Google Analytics Basics for PR Professionals


We talk a lot about Google Analytics at SHIFT – both on the blog and as we integrate it as an important tool for client projects and campaigns. We want to share some more of our Analytics knowledge with you in our free eBook on the topic.

Few digital marketing tools are more widespread and more thorough than Google Analytics, but many PR pros aren’t familiar enough to make it work for them. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The top 4 metrics and KPIs are most worth paying attention to
  • What Google Analytics can and can’t measure in PR
  • An introduction to digital marketing measurement strategy
  • How to get started measuring today

Whether you’re in PR or marketing working in an agency or in-house, this webinar will be a fit. No prior experience with Google Analytics needed. Get your copy here.

Amanda Grinavich
Account Manager


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