Changes to Facebook Page Insights Brings More Data

Yesterday, Facebook released a new and improved version of Page Insights. We wanted to note some of the more interesting data you now have at your fingertips about interactions with your page on Facebook.

Facebook Page Insights – Overview

This page layout has changed and now shows you a quick snapshot of likes, reach and engagement with users and then the same with posts below.

Facebook Page Insights – Likes

What’s new here? Net Likes. You’ll be able to see what changed on a day to day basis and which post types influenced likes and unlikes. Maybe sponsored posts are causing fans to unlike your page on one day. You can now tie those back to specific events at a glance and know when those post types are hurting the page rather than helping. SHIFT_Communications 4

Where did your likes come from? Was it someone on a mobile device or did they see your ad or sponsored story? The new ‘Where your page likes came from’ graph will tell you this broken down by day. SHIFT_Communications-3Facebook Page Insights – Visits

If you want to find out how and where someone came to your Facebook page from external links/websites, this is the graph for you. If you click on a specific day you’ll get more information on the daily stats and know what worked to get people to look at your content. (Taking action on it is a different matter all together.)


Facebook Page Insights – Posts

When’s the best time to post a Facebook post? This graph will give you insight about when your fans are online Facebook for the last week and by the day, if you hover on the daily view. While we can’t give the coveted answer to the question above, Facebook is now helping you get a little bit closer to the answer, the rest is up to you and testing!

SHIFT_Communications 5

Facebook Page Insights – People

Do you target your ads to specific demographics? Now you can break down how they have performed in concert with your Facebook page. People who liked your page, people you reached with your campaign and people who engaged with your content. It shows data for the past 28 days. Remember to download this info once a month so you have an ongoing record of your data set.

facebook page insights PeopleWhile Facebook has taken some of the work out of the equation for you, that doesn’t let you entirely off the hook. After all comparing these data points will bring more insight than just glancing at a graph. You will want to do the work to figure out why your campaigns are making people unlike your page or what days you could drive more engagement, among other things.

Facebook has given you more data and easier ways to visualize it. The hard part is now making use of that data, from adjusting your content and timing to understanding your audiences better. For example, if Facebook is the dominant social media channel for you and represents your audience, then you can use the day and time information to tune things such as AdWords ads.

More data is nice, what you do with it is the gold at the end of the rainbow.

Chel Wolverton
Senior Marketing Analyst


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