Business Growth & Personal Well-being: A complex chemistry

When you decide to own a business, it’s a given that your personal life completely changes. The struggle comes down to keeping a healthy balance between work and life, with a good mix, it can ultimately make your company extremely successful. So it’s important to keep your personal life in check when taking on the responsibilities of being an entrepreneur.


mental peace

Let’s face it, the owner of a business has a lot to worry about and that’s understood. From trying to keep money for employee paychecks to surviving brutal sale quarters creates an emotional toll on the owner. However, there are ways a business owners can keep their employees happy and not go off the rails. It’s good to practice being the best person of who you really are. Begin making a list of healthy habits to live by. Jot down some of your business and personal goals and stick to them. Be honest with yourself and look at the negatives in your life that are interfering with your work life. Stay health, exercise and keep up a good diet that keeps you sharp and focused.

You might be at the helm of it all, but never stop being a student and learning. Research shows that some business owners reach out to find a mentor or a life coach. Combat stress and mental anxiety by saying “no” to those things you cannot change or firmly don’t want to change. Every business faces a launch date, making your sales goals, impressing investors and turning a profit. These aspects of any company impact the owner’s life tremendously. You can get overwhelmed.

Having a mentor that guides you through the ups and downs of your business probably is the best thing you can do for yourself. Always continue to strive to keep up your focus and keep positive thoughts. Connect more with employees and get on the same page with them. Employee distrust or even bad relationships can keep you up at night because you fear the repercussions of firing someone who needs to go. Stay with your goal of why you created the business in the first place.

Owners who work on their mental state and hold it together will have a successful growing business. You’ll be proud of yourself if you can make this mixture work. Attend conferences on how to continue to better yourself and network with other entrepreneurs. They will be able to shred some insight on areas within your business that is depressing you and what to do to get over it. It’s no secret growing a business brings about problems you may never saw coming from the beginning. Those issues will affect you one way or another. Remember that you love your company and that you started it for a reason. If you stay with that type of attitude less stress gets in your life.  By taking anxiety and stress in a positive sense you can rewire your brain to attract positive energy and aspire success.

Hiring an effective team, you can truly work with during the good and the bad makes a huge difference. Poor employees can dampen the spirit of the company. It ultimately lands on you of how to handle it. Delivering bad news about low sale numbers, poor profits or a shift in management is a burden that weighs heavily on any owner. You need a mental fitness to endure it all or learn to delegate responsibilities so you don’t burn yourself out.


sleeping habits

Sleeping habits as a business owner are one of the areas in your life that will suffer the most. You have to get your rest. Getting insomnia will affect your performance and health. You may consider reaching out to a sleep therapist for tips on better sleep. Believe it or not a long nap during the day are not the best thing to do when trying to get a hold on your erratic sleeping problems. The best thing to do is to have a regular time you will wake up. Reduce the time you are at your computer or television before going to bed. Turn it off an hour before you hit the hay. Make sure you are in a very dark room or even consider putting on eye covers. Another idea is listening to soothing calm music that reduces your stress and anxiety. Plants in your room are very helpful as well. One particular plant called the Snake Plant gives you purified airflow while you sleep. If your sleeping pattern is really off, it doesn’t hurt to check yourself into a sleep therapy group session.


With a peaceful mind and positive thinking, you are heading to building a strong lasting successful company. From the day you started your business, you have understood that your normal lifestyle has to make adjustments. Its noted entrepreneurs do experience more anxiety than employees. A Gallup-Heathways Well-Being Index shows that actually 34 percent of owners report they are constantly worried. Another 45 percent have stated they are always stressed. Research further shows that business owners are often susceptible to mood swings. It’s noted as a clear character trait in business owners.

With that said, business owners have to hit the grown running when it comes to making sure they are maintaining a healthy strong mental state of mind. Most entrepreneurs have hyped up personalities or are go-getters ready for battle, but you can burn out fast and pretty easily if you don’t get control of your mental thoughts. Depression, hopelessness, worthlessness can kill your motivation and bring on serious negative thoughts. If you have a list you can turn to that keeps you mentally and physically in line, that’s a bonus. Overall, a healthy lifestyle and a mentally fit thought process goes a long way. Every business owner wants success, but it’s important to fine tune your life to get it. You want your sales to skyrocket and employees happy. In order to get that and stay on track depends a lot on the owner running the business and how at peace you are in your own mind. Using a life coach or mentor can break up the cob webs in your thoughts and lead you to a successful growing company in the end.

Helen Cartwright
Guest Author


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