Twitter is a powerful social media tool; despite our prognostications that it’s reached a plateau, Twitter still punched far above its weight because of its open, public nature. Tune into any broadcast television news broadcast and you’re likely to see tweets on screen as correspondents discuss the topic of the day – doubly so if political.

However, Twitter’s default app makes adoption by executives – especially non-marketing executives – challenging. It’s not immediately intuitive, and far noisier than the average executive is willing to tolerate. As a result, executives tend to have someone else manage their social media for them, which may not offer as much engaging, first-person-perspective content, and be far less regular and frequent than a good social strategy dictates.

Enter Engage

Twitter developed a new smartphone mobile app, Engage, as a way to deal with noise. Engage was designed for celebrities; functionally, it’s ideal for any executive who just wants a more relevant, self-focused experience. Rather than present the firehose of information, Engage filters down to just a few key Twitter experiences that executives need. Let’s examine the four most relevant: Top, Mentions, Verified, and Understand.


The Top tab shows the most important items an executive should know.


Did an influencer (which Twitter doesn’t specify a definition for) engage with you? If so, a Reply button is immediately available. Executives can simply reply from the Top tab to ensure they’re engaging with more influential people first.


If an executive is curious and wants to start delving into more of the conversation, the Mentions tab shows a less-filtered view of people mentioning them.



The Verified tab shows our executives what actions Verified users have taken in relation to our executive.


Verified users tend to also be influencers, so our executives should check this tab from time to time to see how their influence is growing with Verified users.


The final tab executives will find value in is the Understand tab. Understand provides real-time metrics of engagement to show how their posts resonate.


Understand also shows a 7 day roundup of engagement, so executives can glimpse the bare basics of Twitter engagement reporting. What’s nice about Understand is that an executive can see the immediate consequences of their tweets, subtly encouraging them to do more, be more active.

Engage is Best for Executives

Twitter’s Engage app is the best choice for executives who want to dip their toes in the Twitter pool without diving in headfirst. By summarizing just the relevant, self-focused information, they can more easily and quickly see the value in social media participation without feeling overwhelmed or overly distracted.

Install it for your executives today! Engage is available for free in the iOS and Android app stores.

Christopher S. Penn
Vice President, Marketing Technology


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