As each year comes to a close, we like to sneak a peek into the SHIFT archives to see our content hits and misses. When devising a content strategy for a new year, it’s important to take note of what worked (and why) to plan what’s to come next year. Want to see how to do this for your blog? Here’s how.

Our top posts from the last quarter of 2014 focused on measurement and good, old Facebook. Let’s take a look.

 1. The Bedtime Test of Content Marketing & PR

content marketing

Looking for a brutally honest test of your content? Try reading it to a child before bed. No, seriously. If you want to flex your storytelling skills, think about how the content you’re creating on behalf of your brand can be told in a way even kids find entertaining.

What we’re trying to say is no one wants to be read a press release. No one wants to listen to a lullaby full of business and tech jargon. Even B2B content can be compelling. It’s all how you tell the story.

2. Don’t Quit Facebook Yet

don't abandon facebookYou’d be hard pressed to find a recent article on Facebook marketing that doesn’t put a knife in the channel’s organic reach. As Facebook has made alterations to its algorithms, it is becoming harder and harder for brands to reach not just new audiences, but their own as well. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on Facebook altogether.

In this post, we walked through a number of recommendations on how you can have more social integration while taking as much control as you can over your own properties.

3. Everything Is Measurable in PR

You CAN measure PR.

Many people question how to truly measure PR – or if its even measurable at all. In this post, we take a firm stance that PR is in fact measurable; however, not everything is worth measuring.

As you build out your PR and marketing plans, it’s imperative to include benchmarking and measurement so that you can show how your work has moved the needle. This is where you can decide what is worth measuring according to the risks and goals of the program. What can’t you afford to have fail? Invest in measurement for that.

That wraps up our recaps for the year! We hope you had a wonderful 2014 en route to an even better 2015.

Amanda Grinavich
Senior Marketing Analyst



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