Be bold.

Be adventurous.

Stay away from the status quo.

Go against the grain.

Chances are, you’ve heard these cliché motivational phrases one too many times. But there’s something to be said for clichés.


I had the opportunity to attend a marketing event recently and one common theme stuck out to me throughout each presentation – be bold. Like I said, we’ve all heard it before. But I think it warrants a reminder.

Whenever a new trend emerges in PR and marketing, the masses flock. People hear one study that found Tuesdays at 10am yields the highest open rates for emails, and what happens? Suddenly consumers are flooded with emails at 10am on Tuesdays. How many blog posts have you read that claim to have found the perfect time to post on social media? How about the best time to put out a press release?

Sure, most of these studies have actual tactics and results that worked for that company…but that doesn’t mean it will work for you. Testing your own ideas and gathering data from your own audience is critical to the success of your strategy, whether its social media or content marketing. Don’t just jump at the latest and greatest trend, praying it works for your brand. Go against the grain.

Think 11am works better for your audience? Test it! Come to think of it, maybe your email newsletter isn’t driving as much traffic as it used to…shift strategies all together! Try something new. Don’t be scared to be bold and suggest ideas off the beaten path.

As one presenter last week said, “bigger changes produce bigger changes.” Don’t be afraid to take the risk. It’s the only way you’ll reap the reward.

Tori Sabourin
Marketing Analyst

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